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Velocity ShockSkin Football 7-Pad Cap Sleeve Shirt

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Best For: The 740 7-Pad Cap Sleeve Shirt has a new low profile sleeve and incomparable shoulder, upper arm, rib and lower back protection through our enhanced Velocity ShockSkin pads. Velocity ShockSkin offers all the protective benefits of our patented ShockSkin now with increased ventilation and range of motion. Our Pure-Vent System amplifies airflow throughout padded areas while the Motion 360 mesh incorporates variable stretch materials in critical areas allowing for unrestricted shoulder and torso movement. Top of the line Velocity apparel, it’s lightweight, incredibly breathable and exceeds all your comfort and protection expectations on and off the field.

  • ShockSkin Pure-Vent padding on Shoulders/Collarbone, Ribs and Back
  • Motion360 unrestricted movement
  • Airflow cooling technologies
  • Extremely lightweight and breathable